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Good Evening Mr Bond

danny boyle would be a good choice

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For me (and many movie fans) the highlight of Danny Boyle’s spectacular Olympic opening ceremony was James Bond and the Queen. 

I had never thought about Danny Boyle as a potential director of a Bond movie, but now I think about it, he would probably do a great job. So not for there first time here are a few thoughts on who I would like to see direct the next Bond movie:

Kathryn Bigelow

What would it be like?

A Kathryn Bigelow Bond film would be like every other Kathryn Bigelow, full of action played out by troubled and conflicted characters. This is why she would be perfect as a Bond director, there is already a little bit of Johnny Utah, William James and Lenny Nero in Bond.

Who would play Bond?

Bigelow doesn’t seem to play the Hollywood favouritism game so she would probably go with who ever was…

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five ring Circus

indeed, it has turned into a circus. a media circus

the Pub servation

july 23rd to july 29th | 2012

scenario, yo
a week of festivals continues. food and beverage to compliment a outdoor rock & roll weekend. tasting food from around the world. one city trying to find an identity while another city celebrates its contribution to the world circus. best showcase of the famous five ring circus, yo

mixology psychology
the world is turning into a circus. everyday we hear and see the clowns acting out. people performances for that selected audience. oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. who knew the circus would play out this way on the world wide web – thank you tim berners-lee.

diners club
food truck galore. who is going to restaurants in the summer when the best weather and entertainment is outdoors.  food truck size servings at some of the patios are a clever alternative. adjusting the menu…

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