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Stem trimming blossoms to bicycle

Gravity Cycling….What?

While growing up in a flat prairie Province coasting on a bike was something I could only wish for. It was exciting to find those rare hills and sprint up to the top, turn around and coast momentarily without a single pedal stroke…. and repeat. But, there is something new on the horizon, so you fat cats don’t feel left out of the cycling community. It seems as though the basement dwelling video gamers have created a new style of bicycle store. I’m in this bike shop the other day and noticed a few peculiar things: there was no bike rack out front; no one had ridden their bike to work; the vehicles all had bike racks attached; staff played video games while customers browsed. they didn’t have water bottles, bells, repair kits, kick stands or training wheels. What we had here folks was a bike shop that is now exclusive to the gravity cyclist, except the part about cycling up the hill. Essentially the gravity cyclist purchases a bike that is fundamentally to heavy to pedal or carry so the bike is transported to a ski hill on the vehicle where the ski lifts hauls these 40+ lbs bikes to the top. Aboard the bike the rider hurls themselves downhill with the occasional pedal at the flat parts and within minutes the ride is finished. Glide to the nearest ski lift and repeat.