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dfmw was the name of a SoHo project about designing change. i used my two initials with the words media works. i thought the acronym seemed fitting for a online portfolio following the Design | outdoors | lifestyle.

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Creative folk are always aware of the many on goings in society, and more often than not these creative types are thinking about several facets around themselves.  Different things inspire different people.  Most importantly  one must be inspired to create. My blog topics [categories] are of facets within society that have influence on my creative output. These topics are also where I have applied my designs and my interest for future designs.


I have always  admired those of us who blazes new trails, leaders in their field or just leaders in society. An individual may be a leader in business,  education, nature or the arts but the important issue is that the idea is original to that person. To be original is creative no matter what realm of discipline they reside.


The late actor and humorous John Ritter [aka Jack Tripper on Three’s Company], had a saying that best sums my philosophy: learn, teach, laugh. Everyday should be a chance to learn something new, teach someone something and share a laugh. I would think the world would be a far better
place if many of us had John’s motto.


As a youth growing up I had that passion for design, more specifically I was interested in how things worked and those individuals responsible for all things designed.  Eventually, I would be learning how things worked by fixing, repairing or modifying everything from my bike to my car. I focused on the attention to detail and the process in the foundation of design. This curiosity lead to one of my earlier jobs as a sports technician for a Canadian wide sports retailer. My 2nd year on the job I was writing the training manual and job descriptions necessary for setting up a sports-tech-shop in all of their stores across Canada. I was under the age of 20 at the time. As years passed I studied the world of  Art & Design with formal education in  Fashion & Merchandising Design, Interior Design and New-Media Design.  My education was applied to the process of designing, manufacturing and marketing within the outdoor lifestyle industry.  I have been fortunate to learn from some great retailers , designers, educators and industry leaders that have truly helped shape and maintain my fascination with ‘The Art of Being Creative.’

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