The Mandate for dfmw – The Art of Being Creative.

To initiate change in culture of how society views art.

Our history on Earth is documented by Art
We become cultured through Art
Our cultural heritage is Art.

Art is neutral
Defining moments in time
Not starting or ending conflict.

Art is based on reality
Not a preach, worship or practice
Just an examination of life
Shared through a common medium.

Choosing a medium is a personal journey
Using a medium to express is sharing
Expressing those thoughts is artistic.

We watch and wear Art.
We hear and read Art.
We buy and eat Art.

The Automobile
Haute Couture
Skyscrapers – all are Art.

Creativity is everywhere
It is our primal link
It separates us from the missing link.

Teach someone about Art
Introduce someone to creativity
Learn about yourself.

dfmw would like to initiate that change.

An Original thought by
dfmw © 2010 All Rights Reserved.