past & present

History of dfmw – The Art of Being Creative.

We started this dfmw stuff around 2001. It began as a web site to showcase some graphics and web designs. Not really that exciting. This industry changes very fast and what looks good one day – looked so ‘old school’ the next.  We were actually designing sites from scratch a few years ago. I cannot believe how much time it took to get someone a online web presence.

Technology evolved and so did we.
We also found out that our writing were more interesting then the video and photos available all over the web. Unless you are developing the next You Tube | Facebook | Twitter – you’re focus today must be on content. Packaging other peoples content is an interesting approach – but its not our direction. Our intent is to own the entire Intellectual Property of our web sites.

Our Content
The idea is to reflect the various parts of life that has particular interest to us and fellow creatives.

Who is this blog for?
Smart or Creative = same thing actually, you have to be one to be the other.
What are the topics?
A little love, family, friends, lifestyle, health and fitness, outdoors, travel
education, arts = anything with an intellectual common denominator

Present Day and Tomorrow
dfmw is now morphing into a mainsite portal to link up with our other online magazines, foundation, web design and branding. We are building everything with flexibility. Our experience within the industry allows our product to be available in many multi-media platforms – TV, Desktop, Laptop, Smart Phone, Cell Phone, Tablet.

And that’s the way they all became the Brady Bunch …