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been there, done that methodology of education

A thought

Write when you have words.

Talk when you want to say them.

Paint when you have a picture in mind.

Share when you are with them.

Just a thought


Not you again

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Oh, no … it’s not me it’s you! No, i’m tolerating you. The smallest demographic in any nation is the intellectual. Whether you are school smart or street smart – whatever your niche in life is, just being smart isn’t … Continue reading


bike ride theory

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Have I ever asked you ? You know, about the bike ride…. I would usually only ask those chosen few that I have weeded out of the pack. In all actuality those people have separated themselves already and I’m just … Continue reading


crisp clean clear

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Travel experiences have found a new home away from home. dfmw started as a blog to post some of my original thoughts and personal experiences. The plan was to slowly accumulate the various topics and distribute them accordingly to various … Continue reading