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A thought

Write when you have words.

Talk when you want to say them.

Paint when you have a picture in mind.

Share when you are with them.

Just a thought


Meaning of Life




30 Things I’ve Learned

good thoughts ..indeed

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I turned 30 today. While it doesn’t feel any different than being 29, or 28, people assure me it’s a big deal. It has caused me to be more introspective than usual, and I decided to write about.

One of my favourite features over the years has been Esquire‘s What I’ve Learned column (the name is expository). To commemorate my birthday, I’ve decided to share 30 things I’ve learned over the past 30 years.

1. It’s much easier to be against something than to be for something, but far less worthwhile.

2. Learning when to say nothing is a hard, but valuable skill to acquire. Sometimes, nobody gives a fuck what you have to say.

3. Not having any fear or shame helps you accomplish things. I learned this as a 21 year old asking cabinet ministers for millions of extra dollars in education funding.

4. I value experiences…

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The Paperific World of Chloe Fleury

i love whimsical creatives. this is fun art.


French designer, animator and illustrator Chloe Fleury has 3 dimensional creative juices that form these adorable and whimsical paper art designs. She is also the founder of Hopscotch Design – hop on over and check out her paper creations.

I love that paper bag!

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