I need a haircut

weirdly written


the problem with haircuts ..

it grows back.

to the reason why you got it cut in the first place

i need a haircut.

a barber will do what a stylist will do ..too, with less product of course.

with the hairstylist ..

i have to ask the questions.

with the barber ..

they tell me things.

i have to book an appointment with hairstylist

i have to show up for the barber

kinda like a relationship.

hairstylist or barbershop ..

either way, you have to look into the mirror.

the mirror of time during youth, you stared ..

to the days now where you just walk by.

then that sudden glance into a mirror ..

you say, hi

that’s me today

i need a haircut.


weirdly written so, you don’t have to be

an originally weirdly written by
dfmw © 2016 all rights reserved

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