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So, the other day I decided to get a new printer.  Prior to I had decided to go without a printer for a long time.  In fact I really had no intent to get a another printer again.  I went through so much paper and wasted ink cartridges during my last few printers.  The cost to keep a inkjet printer operating versus the time I actually used it became obvious.  The costs were winning the battle over usage and convenience.  Until my recent visit to the London Drugs store down the street.

The young lad approached me from afar with an audible “how are you doing today, sir.” Sir? what the hell – I thought. Anywhoo, blah, blah, blah and I thought I’d ask about printer world.  After a brief description of what life has been like with and without a printer we started looking at a few displays. The Samsung brand was everywhere and I have several Samsung items that work like a charm.  One such printer that the staff suggested was under $150. Wow, I thought – that’s pretty good.  But, only B&W lazer.

I began to revisit the past issues with inkjet and colour lazer printers. I also mentioned the printers that had extra features that I never used. The staff member then reaffirmed my issues by stating “nobody ever had luck with small-home-office  all-in-one printers”.  Delighted in what I heard to confirm my idea of getting something with less will do more.  I thanked the staff and said I’ll return.

I dropped into the local London Drugs a few days later. The original staff member was not there so I asked another lad. We found the printer – Samsung ML-2165W.  It was on sale, too.  The young lad indicated that the cable may not be in the box and if I had an old cable from past printers.  I have to many old things from past things that don’t work.  I nodded my confirmation of “cable nightmare”.  I just bought the printer and went home.

Setup was supper easy and the printer came with a cable.  I also, went for the wireless option. The little Samsung printer is quick and prints crisp and clean. Yep! Sammy-Sung Prints.


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