The Zero Degree

The beginning of school commences with the annual dip in temperatures. Students congregating inside trying to keep their marks up while leaves are falling outside. Educators eagerly anticipating raking in the assigned essays and exams. Proud parents await our graduation into society.

When i discuss education with different demographics, the answer is always complicated. Those folks who insist on a trade apprentice and those who suggest the higher academics. Some of you entered secondary learning directly from high school while others took some time to think it over.  It’s important for students to learn about independent thinking without external influences. The future demands a more independent thinking and well educated work force.

Real School
Public or private education. Neutral education is real school and that is what we should be demanding. Every student should learn the standards and not regional propaganda,  biased context or edited content. Nations of the world can’t have outside influences superimposing their interpretation of world events. Students need a real textbook with real reference books to learn the basics. Nobody learns from a book that omits historical information or has been edited to favor a demographic social study. I want to see neutral textbooks and reference books in the libraries around the world.

Global Travel
Traveling is global education. I would suggest you try it out and test your education. You will soon find out whether your education was neutral and defined the truth or simply omitted the facts. A few nations in the world still teach old world economics and social studies which leaves a tainted misrepresentation of the actual world. Buy a plane ticket and fly somewhere. Sit down with the locals and tell them what you learned or didn’t learn and start socializing. Eventually, you can continue that level of socializing online once you learn the dialect nuances and regional spelling alterations.

Global Education
Education is the global language. With modern communications systems allowing us to socialize online there shouldn’t be any misunderstanding from a common language. Problems exist because the basics of a neutral  education have not been taught. Dialect aside there must be global standards. Everyday, we work with software that defaults spelling away from our native language dictionaries.

Global Language
Language connects the global economy. French Canadians know to use the European French language when socializing globally. English Canadians will use either traditional English or the Americanized version when socializing globally depending on the audience. Slang and acronyms are increasingly used online and are probably going to be more accepted as we become more socialized.

Global Economy
Employment in the global economy.  We should probably return to the handwritten application. Chances are that if you can write, you can comprehend what you read. Buying education or simply graduating from school doesn’t make you smarter. Smart people are born smart. The more knowledge you throw at them the smarter they get. On the other side of the classroom are the majority that require the skill to acquire the smarts. Teaching students how to learn is the foundation of education. The trick question upon graduating is whether your school taught an unbiased global standard. Depending on your employment directives, a neutral world knowledge is the foundation of our global economy.


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