smile mona lisa



the fascination of watching people being recorded while face to face with the mona lisa smile. this video depicts the wonder an artist has in trying to capture the unique individualism that all humans share through facial expressions. art brings the world together – peacefully | beautifully | harmony


One response to “smile mona lisa

  1. This video really brings me back to my experience seeing the Mona Lisa. The massive crowds, the jostling for ideal viewing position, the constant flashes going off, the actual painting behind thick plastic with large amounts of glare, nobody actually looking deeply at the painting except through the lens of their own camera. It was a pretty disappointing experience to say the least. Just as I remember, I only saw one or two people in your video really looking intently at the actual painting for longer than a second or two.

    It’s an issue I have at museums. People burn through them. Rarely will you see people looking at a work of art for longer than 15 seconds. Is it a symptom our television destroyed attention spans?


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