long Hot summer

what an excellent couple. great movie to watch during the hot august nights

the Pub servation

july 30th to august 5th | 2012

scenario, yo
we turn the page another month with the sun ripe rays or rain filled days. thunderstorms pounding by clouds clashing. buckets of hail on the seasonal festivals. the long hot summer in august is smashing.

mixology psychology
they say “get a good nights sleep” you’ll feel better in the morning. what about a couple hours sleep in the morning – is that any good for you? rain cools things off nicely, until the thunder and lightning starts crashing outside. how nice of the hot humid weather to freshen up just in time to hit the long summer snooze button.

diners club
I never thought i’d say this, never mind typing it in a blog post – i’m already anticipating the first fall friday night diners club return. yes, it seems i’m starting to resemble the hot dogs, hamburgers, and festival food…

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