weekly Ride #3

yep, exactly ..

the Pub servation

another week has past and i’m heading out the door for the weekly ride through the neighborhood – physical therapy. we are caught up with the current projects and have a breathing break until the next whirl wind of assignments pass through. so, what did i think about on this weeks ride – cerebral therapy. read away my friends ..

i take about 45 to 60 minutes of saddle time before i get into a thought process. then i observe something that stimulates the senses or cerebral cortex into my final 45 to 60 minutes saddle time. this week my mind flutter about with the social aspects of current affairs when a butterfly passed me by.

i immediately thought about the social media addicted guys and gals that don’t have any business use for the strategical software platforms other than chit chat. i would call them the electronic butterfly. these…

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