canada Day cerebrate

i hear ya ..

the Pub servation

scenario, yo
celebrating another year while writing this online journey in life. sharing my experiences with the world while reading about yours. technology continues to change our lives for the better, despite people, groups and governments wanting to breakdown what they don’t understand. all people and nations in the world need a day to cerebrate.

mixology psychology
i’m not much into celebrating other peoples idiosyncrasies of life’s journey. my suggestion to the people who share a conversation, only to use that conversation to start another conversation with someone else – start spending less time celebrating and more time cerebrating this year.

diners club
sitting at the virtual table online this week; was the conversation of how connected we are. we learned that everything is tied into social media – politics, sport, festival, carnival, arts, news, television, business … etc. and a side of electronic butterfly as the social course.


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