patio lantern Stories

ah, summer days on the patio sharing stories

the Pub servation

june 10th to june 17th | 2012

scenario, yo
waiting on summer. sitting on rain. falling out of spring. cliche, cliche, cliche.  sitting patio side and sharing funny stories into dusk. that’s summer, that’s memories. the summer of patio lantern stories, yo

mixology psycology
scanning social media and listening around town, i hear lots of philosophy about life – is this a summer thing. do we become seasonal in our reflecting on life as we near the solstice. i know the moon brings out the wacky. you are most happiest during your birth month. a birthday for a future patio lantern story.

diners club
i like when even the most sophisticated restaurants open up the patio bbq for hot dogs and grilled treats for lunch and happy hour. the smell brings everyone in. i have found out about 3 new bike friendly restaurants thanks to media helicopters and charity fundraisers…

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