weekly Tweets #7

weekly tweets by dfmw

the Pub servation


birdie birdie sitting in the tree what do you see ..

hey birdie put a diaper on already ..

.. lucy’s lavish linguistic language languished

.. splendid, this day

.. because i’m controversial

.. the ever surprising cough that erupts into a bark [just had]

.. pop! goes the weasel

.. the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush ..

.. quantum permutations triangulated

three-dimensional isotropic harmonic oscillation [thinking]

establishing breadth of knowledge with finite set anchors your vision of setting infinite ..

.. constant variables fluctuate

.. heavens to murgatroyd, yo

emmylou harris, bonnie rait, ricky scaggs, sarah vaughn, kris kris-for-f*%$king-toffersen ..the list goes

thinking of an impromptu neighborhood kids concert. using gardening tools as instruments. 1 beat, 1 lyric, 1 chorus. good idea [shhhhh]

pitch fork in soil, strike with rake handle while unearthing fork reverberates the frequency pitch. earthly tone [experimenting]


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