Blake Lively Covers Bullet Magazine

don’t know who she is but, she is a pretty little thing. she’s in the 9 category

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To be honest, I have never heard about Bullet magazine before, but I am such a big fan of Blake Lively. I’ve loved here ever since the beginning of Gossip Girl. She’s always stunning, on and off the show, and even on magazines that I never heard of:

Photos Credit.

Photographed by David Slijper, Blake Lively looked beautiful on the cover of Bullet magazine’s summer issue, wearing a Chanel tulle dress. The rest of the looks varies from Lanvin to Prada to another Chanel.

I love them all. The camera (and airbrushing) are always so good to her. Personally I love the ones where she’s wearing white dresses the most. Specially that one with the metal around her waist.

What do you guys think of Blake Lively? How much would you rate her all-in-all out of 10?

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