communication Breakdown, yo

the weekly viewpoint

the Pub servation

april 8th to 15th | 2012

scenario, you
we have started to breakdown the list of candidates to assist in a fun charitable cause. social media was the determining factor. letting off some steam on the dance floor. meeting new people and sharing their stories of explore. all stuff i do adore.

mixology  psychology
i wrote a little piece about my experience sharing stories from both side of the bar. communication breakdown exists when folk are unable to vocalize ideas without the abbreviated keyboard. a well timed phrase or sentence can determine a person’s lifestyle. the more you have done or are interested in the more you communicate vocally. [click]

diners club
a quick spin on the dance floor leads to dinner the following night. we have another weekly road trip to a restaurant. read my weekly road trip for the diners club food review this week. [

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