art of Conversation

electronic conversations. how personable.

the Pub servation

have we forgot the ability to converse. is it just the location or city. what is it that has allowed people to forget the very aspect of socialization. the ability to speak to one another and share personal stories about our journey’s in life. sitting among the local folks having a conversation on your smart phone. the new art of conversation.

years ago i took a course at the ‘fine art of bartending school’. i wanted a job just like in the movies and television. dean martin and frank sinatra hanging out with the bartender sharing stories. i would even try to wear the typical garments of the trade. apron with the bartenders tool close at hand. always kept a few extra bucks in the pocket for some quick change. i visited the local smoke shop to buy a nice zippo lighter with the extra wicks and fuel. i was…

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