easter Bunny hunt

missed the budda factor. should start posting monday morning.

the Pub servation

is a life filled with a comedy of errors …

april 2nd to april 8th | 2012

scenario, yo
people are like rabbits crawling out of their hole this fine spring. spring in their steps. always liked the bunny in pop culture. playboy and bugs that wascally wabbit. plenty of culture absent in this province of wildroses. lots of candidates laying eggs, yo.

mixology psychology
watching other people go crazy is a nice break. sit back and enjoy the hunt. unleash the foxes and giddy-up. the annual spring fling is always in the air. searching high and low for you know what. everyone forgets to look for that special person whom maybe in plain sight. i will remember chocolate next time by 🙂

weekly update
i wrote about the women bully effect in life last week. the daily mail in london ran an article about how women are refused promotion…

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