who’s Fooling who

adding bullying awareness to weekly is good.

the Pub servation

surprise!!! you’re fooling yourself …

march 26th to april 1st | 2012

scenario, yo
today is the day of fools. fooling everybody or just fooling yourself. fooling around or fooling about. practically everyone enjoys a joke. humor is a sign of intelligence. associating with like minded people will always make you laugh. laughing with someone who gets it. reading something and laughing. funny people make me smile.

mixology psychology
my philosophy is to hang with your type of people. stop fooling yourself and assume they are who or what you want. there is more to people than just being human. being humane, being humorous or being insane. just be yourself. who you spend time with defines you. remember you’re not fooling us – only yourself.

weekly update
we have another friday dinner date to review. the wine component hasn’t been uncorked yet. we added travel and recipes to the pages…

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