the bully Games

people know when they are being a bully just like those know they are being bullied.

the Pub servation


the brain is the most complex organism on the planet yet we allow people to abuse it. sticks and stones will wound but those wounds can heal. words will wound for a life time. we must stop the most common from of bullying on the planet – the bully games.

we all remember sitting across the table from your sister when she would make some remark. mom & dad – did you hear what she just said. nope – they replied. listen – she just did it again, not once but, twice. this becomes a skillset that will or will not be used for the rest of their lifes.

kids are learning the bully games at a young age. they honed this learned trait of throwing words by watching your reaction. the bigger the response the more fun it becomes to continue the mud slinging. junior high becomes high school and…

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3 responses to “the bully Games

  1. This is very interesting. I enjoyed reading about your design philosophy and your bio, and I appreciated your stopping by my blog.


    • thank you very much. i always enjoy how creative minds continue to creative in a world of repetition. you have a very good design sense.


      • That you for that wonderful compliment! You know what they say about there being nothing new under the sun. I think our own individual uniqueness makes it new. Have a great day!


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