the senior Bully

we must care for those who cared for us.

the Pub servation

more nasty bits & pieces of the bully world on tap. we love to hate the youtube videos promoted with mass media and bringing celebrity to the unknown victim. using celebrity to promote the awareness of bullying. girls picking on girls, arguing over boyfriends, pushy people at the workplace and the viral video of school yard fight. we have seen them all over the past few years. how are our seniors doing among all this bullying?

we see the seniors testing out the new media devices by sending cute messages to their children and those being grand. taking for granted these grand people of ours. always a smile, pinch the cheek or pat on the head. reach into the cookie jar of life and be instantly rewarded by familiarity and comfort. we have enter the spank free zone – mom & dad. our grandparents will look after us.

so, who…

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