your imagination Test

testing: one, two, three – testing ….

Imagine an image in your head so vivid you can see it, in all dimensions. The color, lights, scenery. The voices, smells, textures. You are there. Your imagination can do so completely different and unique from everybody else. Developing your imagination allows your creative to be shared. Becoming creative allows you to be unique. Read my examples as your imagination test.

I like to use this methodology to teach young people how to use their imagination. As we age many of us tend to lose our imagination. Perhaps it’s reality setting in. That’s what the old people would say. We age with more outside influences on our lives that enhances the negative and suppresses the positive. We start to purposely forget the bad. While trying to seek the good. Difficulties start to limit our imagination. We lose our childhood like uniqueness to adult responsibilities. I am going to take you and your child on the same journey. I want you to discuss it with them after.

Story 1
I can see 8 maybe 10, no wait – I think I see 11. That looks like small baby mice. Pinkie-red baby mice. Their blood shot eyes are closed. They look gross. Mice are gross. Lots of small legs moving around. It looks so ugly when they start to crawl on top of each other. I don’t want to touch them. But, I can see them through the little hole under the cabinets. My cat was trying to scratch the hole bigger last night. Silly cat kept me awake. I was late for school.

I ran home at lunch. Threw my daypack on the floor. I’ll be down in a minute – I yelled to mom. Get down here right now – she yelled back. In a minute – I insisted. Sliding across the floor, stopping in front of the cabinet. I open the door and inched my way in. This time I have a flashlight. I shined the light inside the hole. There was an eye looking back at me. I screamed and jumped back. Hit my head on the cabinet. Mom yells – what are you doing up there. I yelled back – nothing, be right down. I’ll be right down after I see whose eye that was.

Crawl inside again. Light first of course. Inching up to the hole, I peeped in. It was slithering. Long and slimy yellow. Forked tongue tasting the air. Saliva oozing off it’s mouth. It’s a snake. Mom yells – are you coming down for lunch. I made spaghetti and meatballs …

Story 2
Running just a little behind the time. The radio person said the roads were pretty clear right now. I figure I’ll make up the extra few minutes driving there. Opened the door and turned the car on.  An alarm sounded. But, i have my seat belt on, what gives. So, I turned the car off and waited for the system to reset. Turned the car back on and the alarm sound again. This time the alarm was double chiming. What the … I don’t have time to read the manual. Actually, I never read the manual. I tried to put the car in gear. No such luck. Now I’m in big trouble. Noticing the rain drops on the windshield didn’t help matters. I opened the glove box.

Page 67 item C – it states. If after turning the car off and restarting to reset the system results in a double chime …. yeh, yeh, yeh. What, I may have a flat tire. What the …. how the …. how does my car know I have a flat tire. Maybe it’s the rain causing problems. Open the car door. Walk around to passenger side and there it is. Flatter than a … a tire without air. Like I need this problem today. Better check the manual.

Page 67 item D – changing a flat tire. Are you kidding me. I have to follow a procedure. Rain and dark skies will make this a lovely experience. Outside I go and walk around to the trunk. Golf clubs and hiking gear are still there from the weekend. Everything is dirty. I leave them outside and they’ll get rinsed off. No i can’t do that, they’ll can’t get wet. I have to put them inside the car. Everything smells like a campfire … nice. And so will I if I ever get done with this.

Changing a tire isn’t the problem. It’s the instructions on how to get the tire out of the stupid opening. I don’t have flashlight. The trunk light isn’t bright enough. I trying to reach in while not brushing up against the car. I didn’t wash the car after the weekend. Whatever, i just gotta get it done. 15 minutes later and rain soaked the tire is changed. I threw the flat back in the trunk. I tossed the golf clubs and hiking gear on top of everything. Turned the car back on. No chiming. Rain stopped.

Why dont’ we plan for events like this. It’s almost human nature not to. Do we ever learn after something like this happens. Nope.

So, I want to ask the reader. In the first story. Where were the cabinets. Did you slide across carpet, tile or hardwood. What color did you imagine the room to be. Did you imagine yourself as the boy or girl in story. How big was the hole. I never wrote anything that would describe such. It was your imagination that took over from my words.

And for the other story. Where was the car parked. Did you imagine the car parked where you had a similar experience. What country or city, or rural road was the car parked. Was the car on your driveway or in a parking lot. What color is the car. Could you smell the campfire. Could you feel the rain. What time of the day was it. What did your imagination say.

That’s how your imagination works. Everybody has a story to tell. Naturally, it is human nature to imagine our uniqueness. That’s the art of being creative:)


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