the Cell generation

the new age generation gap speaks clearly

the Pub servation

give him your number so i can text you hers ….

i was in my 20’s when the cell phone arrived on scene. wasn’t to hard to miss either in more ways then one. it was about the size of a brick plus a 6′ rubber antenna. the thing was a monster. i keep forgetting that young people capable of performing adult roles in today’s society that were born into the cell phone generation.

we have used up all the alphabet on naming the next generations we could probably name the current kids ‘the cell generation’. people younger than when i got my first cell phone would fall into this gen. set. definitely a computer crowd, and gaming community with a touch of internet tossed during the last 15 years. born into the world of mobile communication.

we experienced the sibbling battle over the home phone on saturday night. the rural…

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