visual vs Vocal

i can read better with a picture …

it’s funny how far we haven’t come. our technological reliance have people requiring photos and video to help correctly visualize what we write. what has happened to our imagination. i couldn’t image being without one. thank goodness there are a few of us left. i’m starting to get re-everythinged overload. please try to be original and allow our imaginations to take over, again.

imagination – that is really starting to erode the fabric of socializing society. limiting the medium to express our media, socially. drawing boundaries inside our limits. everything just seems a little odd that everyone is falling for the easy way out. make sure your kids have imagination. technology will fit in a some point. someone has to imagine the next technology.

read & write – i seem to be a minority nowadays. i like to follow the writers online and read what their imagination dream up. reality needs to be broken up. if anything, for therapy sake. describe your fitness passion. why did you learn to cook. what separates you from the pack. i can’t tell if you just re-write your interpretation of what you read. if you are a leader … lead your way and not every other way.

traditional media – traditional approaches are sometimes a must. tradition teaches you etiquette, ethics, manners, behavior, grammar, spelling, drawing, colors, lines, weight, tones, shades, tints … everything you need to self compose your future comes from the past.

new media – electricity changed the media industry. from the printing press to the photograph and painting much media was manual. ac/dc currently powers the media machines today. computers have made anyone a media master without much experience of learning the past. this is what taking us into the future while limiting our growth in the present.

visual marketing – the world of visual association and what we will buy. social media are doing it. people only identify with images not words. 1000’s of followers just from a photo. try selling intelligence to the masses. put a t-shirt on avril or justin and start selling on monday morn. put a reality bloak on the tube and 3 t0 4 episodes later he’s selling menswear. and people are buying it. it works, so clearly people aren’t that imaginative. we have become visually reactive.

word of mouth – take pictures of shoes, food, jewellery, fashion, beer, furniture and someone will buy the idea. tell someone about a bad restaurant or clothing store and they’ll just nod,’ really’. we used to buy everything – word of mouth. i still rely on word of mouth more than someones photo. talk to me about the experience. sell your vision linquistically. the ability to vocalize your capture is a superior representation of your product knowledge.

art of being creative – i like to place the audience somehwere they have never been before. i want my audience to guide themselves on the path i’m going to take them on, through my words and their imagination. it’s a partnership that must be established for your audience to trust your direction. only a sense of originality and confidence will do. essentially the art of being creative.

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