social Media relations

starting to feel disconnected with society

the Pub servation

can be socially awkward without knowing …

feeling alone in this socially inept virtual world of existence? you’re not alone. we feel for you. virtually every thing you do and think about is true. in reality we are all more alike than not. so, why aren’t we getting together more often?

easy answer to easy question about our social existence. we are becoming a divided bunch of socialites. we are using media to mediate between our differences. it’s impossible to form a relation with anybody who is divided from the social forms of media. being in touch today is about non-touch formats. we communicate digitally before we fist pound our digits. it’s the wave of future waving to the past.

a weekend night spent writing and socially communicating online does seem a bit odd. there is no one around me when i’m writing or working on websites. yet, somehow the…

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