friendly Funny flirty

imagine what you read

the Pub servation

just don’t be flakey, that takes the cakey …

sometime i crack my self up. not sure if that’s a good thing or not. but, it sure keeps me entertained. typing about the going-ons in life in a peculiar sort of way. backward engineering a sentence to confuse the reader. forward thinking to mislead the intention. redirect thoughts and ideas for a misleading innuendo. yet, oddly enough … pleasing.

[psst] have you read my last post?
[psst] i mentioned you.
[psst] actually i described an event that you happened to have witnessed.

so, how does one quantify the quality of the written word when those you know, refrain from saying a quote from the read. complete strangers read away – like, reblog & comment whatever they have to say. it’s the elusive folks whom you see everyday. that choose to hid what they read in their own way. So, i…

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