i Smell it

love altitude running

the Pub servation

out of the blue, someone asks you …

i can smell something. do you have anything. i want what you have …

let me help you folks out a little. i have plenty of friends that will on occasion have a friendly campfire toke of holistic quality. i am for the medicinal use of the various products. some people are pro guns, which results in crime. some people are pro government, which is criminal. some folks are pro education, which is ideal. different tokes, different folks. i know honest and i know dishonest. i smell it.

entrapment – people pretending to be police and saying so. police pretending to be people and saying no. both are illegal.

physically, i have 3 issues to deal with everyday of my life. i have learned to live with these issues without any drugs – in front or behind the counter. i have asthma…

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