settle the tab

ah yes, buying friendships …

the Pub servation

here’s your tip …

in point form i will explain without elaborating you can fill in the blanks

starting from the beginning

she doesn’t talk about you

she told me to say that

liking you doesn’t mean dating you

i also ‘love’ my new car

questions are used to start conversations

your ability to Q&A separates us from the next species down

i not writing about you

yes, you have contributed to something

getting old or getting reminded of it. neither pleases

i rather be old & smart than young and …

don’t misinterpret

it’s just a phase i’m in

don’t over think

feel free to think

stay in school

being paid to be friendly

i don’t tip what your pretending

a friendship lasts longer than a relationship

yes, i’m looking – but not here

yes, i’m looking – it’s not you

don’t flatter yourself

we could just as easily be…

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