Anything is inspiration

superb art for such a young age. always nice to see oil on canvas as medium.


OMG… such a prodigious talent! 22-year-old, Tasmanian artist Hilton Owen had his first solo show at age 17 and has kept his momentum going with many more solo shows under his belt over the 5 last years. His very distinct abstract figurative style sets him apart and makes him a definite “one to watch”. He paints oil, acrylic and also does mixed media on canvas! Brilliant!

“I paint what I see around me. The physical union of individuals with objects that occur in my paintings suggests that although the individuals are in control of the objects – a car, an I-pod, an office desk – we are also paradoxically controlled by the objects.”

“There are, above all, times in which human reality, always mobile, accelerates, and bursts into vertiginous speeds. Our time is such a one, for it is made of descent and fall.”Jose Ortega


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