there’s something Wrong


why is there something wrong with us ?

with the way people think

with the way people act towards other people

you don’t have to understand every person’s being

people can be happy by helping people

people can be happy just by being with you

it’s not what, when or where, it’s just the now factor

living in the moment

people over think, under help and then criticize

why do people dislike people who can find happiness in just being

is money your answer or your question

there’s something wrong

health care, police, politicians, government, banks, media and charities all want to get the story

keep asking people; because if you can’t recognize wrong by now, you probably never will

yeah, there’s something wrong

people want to single out those who help

what about the people who are paid to help, but don’t

what about the g20 nation’s crimes against humanity

health care workers abusing

police violating personal rights

politicians building platforms for personal issues with public funding

big brother government passing bills to legalize spying on the public

banks without personalities

media being given carte blanche to exploit someone’s being of humanity

charities that contribute fractions to the cause while board members fly first class

there most certainly is something wrong

people criticizing profit for protecting our planet people

people bullying people

the gap is widening between the people

maybe someone dum and stubborn should stand-up and lend a hand

maybe someone should slow down, reach out and guide you by your hand

maybe someone could establish an initiative of change to ease the hand-out

would there be anything wrong if someone helped those hands

maybe that someone

is me …


2012 we would like to start an new initiative that helps those left behind by lending our hands of time.


One response to “there’s something Wrong

  1. That is a great message you’re sending. I like it! I also have a similar message:


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