the Picture show

hey, everybody… lets go to the movies

Watching, yes indeed we’re watching. The local theatres are chalk-a-block with new movies this festive season. But, the best part of this cinema extravaganza is the quality of choices – staggering, folks.

It seems like forever between a good movie being released. Something original and not a remake of a classic. Adults have to listen while the kids insist on playing us the 3rd remake of music tracks not to mention their newly discover favorite film … another remake. However, I must say sometimes the remake allows spectacular digital enhances to improve the cinematic experience. King Kong is certainly one of those who benefited with technology.

Our theatre experience would not be complete without some of the great directors releasing their creative vision on us this season. Martin Scorsese characterized a beautiful picture story about ‘Hugo’.  Scorsese’s genius return to cinematic spectacular is always welcomed. He has directed & produced some of the great movies of my generation. I would always recommend the following fav’s to friends as discussion:

Alice doesn’t live here anymore, Taxi Driver, The Last Waltz, Raging Bull & The Colour of Money.

Another of my favorite modern director & producer is Steven Spielberg. This season Mr. Spielberg has released 2 outstanding pictures. But, I’m going with the ‘War Horse’. He has this desire to depict war movies and events in an extremely powerful manor. Credit also do to his depiction of huge over-the-top epics with complete merchandising campaigns to pad is wallet. But, I’m going to choose a few different flicks and maybe a couple obvious ones … as follows:

Jaws, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Color Purple, War of the Worlds and Munich.

Yes, what would the holiday season be without a Woody Allen movie. A romantic comedy of course. ‘Midnight in Paris’ is yet to be seen by me but I do look forward to the premise. It seems Woodward is more about rephrasing famous plays and books before spinning them off into romantic interludes. All his movies titles have a familiar sound from something I probably should of read. Needless to say my favorite Woody flicks of yore are as follows:

Sleeper, Annie Hall, Hannah & Her Sisters, The Mighty Aphrodite, Cassandra’s Dream.

So, if you are hitting the cinema this holiday season I will also suggest a few other standouts. Perhaps we’ll see you in the line-up.

The Descendants – George Clooney
Dragoon Tattoo – Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara
The Way – Martin Sheen
New Years Eve – stars everybody, Gary Marshall film

hey, everybody … we’ll see you at the movies!


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