age of Collecting

accumulating data & skill as we age …

Between 25 to 35 years of age you will be collecting data as skill sets to be used fluently throughout the rest of your life. Once acquired, all this new information of relevant experience will become useful to yourself, family, friends and society. Knowledge that can be shared both professionally and personally.

Just recently I mentioned this theory to a few guys. They were quite inquisitive to my findings at first and eventually were delighted with knowing they had something to look forward within the aging process. The act of improving with age was presented before them with a logical understanding of how we fit into society. Fine wine as they say folks, fine wine …

I also, mentioned this theory to a few gals. They viewed things a little differently than the guys did. One gal understood and really appreciated the fact of life is to live and learn and we will only get better with age. With age we also have more to give back. The second gal, was somewhat insulted by the fact being at the ripe old age of 25 she wasn’t contributing to society. The third gal was intrigued , but couldn’t comprehend the concept. Thinking that the desire to produce offspring was indeed a considerable contribution to my collecting theory. Unfortunately, in a over-populated world with millions of hungry mouths to feed, collecting a little data & skill should preside. By default the ability to add another kitty to the litter of life should be well conceived.

Lets not leave out those young folks who are ahead in the game of life and succeed very well as young parents and teach while they learn.  The life-cycle of our fore-fathers/mothers was very successful in that means of collecting. Simpler times of yore was defined by the collection of family and growing as a unit. That was then – this is now. Complicated times of today completely changes our means to collect. As a society we live longer and therefore there is no need to rush into a family at an early age. There is so much to learn and teach – much of which can only be done with time.

Collecting is the age of maturity for both men & women. A comfortable clearance of 15 years from high school allows plenty of time to accumulate the necessary foundation of education and experience before the real test of life begin.  As we age – we can see when you are at the collecting stages of life. Collecting is a good stage to be at and corrections are easily made. I like my collection and my daily contributions added as I age.

Enjoy your collection as it ages and than share it with us, we’ll wait.


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