always think Different

a message about someone who changed the message …

We have only just begun to construct the future carpenters of modern technology.  Daily we are reminded of what the creative contractor can unselfishly provide for society.  Technology has touched us all in so many ways it becomes virtually impossible to count. The world has changed and the creative technologies have made that happen. Unfortunately, one of those significant carpenters of society has hung up the hammer.

Always nailing us with another technological hit was this figurative head of corporate design. The man we knew as Steve Jobs. An individual who created devices that allowed those less creative to construct a very successful career.  Words used to describe those devices became commonplace jargon everytime we would Google something. Virtually every Yahoo had a pod device of sorts from one of the electronic contractors. Never was a blueprint of ‘must have‘ been more clearly duplicated prior to Steve being on the job.

We have had those ‘must have’ products over the years. Nothing had the impact like the technology industry. An interesting role reversal where the software was driving the hardware. Architecture defined the foundation of constructing the next device. Software giant Microsoft led by example and everyone followed. Computor companies sprung up everywhere and soon the inevitable happened with the ‘computer in every home’.

Just when one door closes  another door is opened to the next level of the creative building. Now that everyone has a computer – what about making the experience more fun and portable. This is what Steve Jobs perfected in his vision of all Apple products. We liked the looks of the device and the ease of use. The keyboard and stylus pen have been replaced by our evolutionary tool of existence – the finger.  Steve Jobs put the finger on the pulse of technological living. The heartbeat of technology that will continue to pump out the next ‘must have‘.

so, 24 hours has passed since the news. I wasn’t going to write anything but, being a creative sort who relies on the technology for much of my output, I thought I must. I think I will end with how my creative questions propelled me in my direction. I would always ask if any of the great creative minds were still alive after I was born. Most often than not many of the greats had moved onto to other worldly projects.

However, if you have a child today – whom may ask that very question in the near future.  You can proudly say – yes,  that gentlemen was alive after you were born and you played on those devices.  You learned to think different.


2 responses to “always think Different

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    Great that I found this. Can you write a blog post about football news?


  2. It is pretty mind blowing to think how the actions of a few highly creative people change our lives, our futures… What an exciting world we live in 🙂


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