twitter-land who’s who

what’s new about people tweeting news …

So, for 3 months this summer I feverishly tweeted about anything that came across my mind. Waiting for response when I replied or the occasional retweet from some good folk whom understood my thought pattern. I liked the mental challenge of twisting words that others provide. Restate the sarcastic while poking fun with playful puns. Much delight indeed with such linguistic opportunities seldom arose prior to this social media craze.

What are the result – you ask politely sitting in the back corner, hand extended as though trying to remove the gum you threw onto the ceiling before recess. What better way to explain a thought process than to randomly define a moment in time we have all experienced. It is the commonality of experience that allows social media to become the social hub of constant connectivity. Lines of communication to those we have no clue about …. or do we.

Doesn’t it seem odd that when commenting, replying, retweeting or clicking the like button we have somehow created a connection with someone we have never met. Some media folks digging for a news story to meet deadlines often fall trap to the snaring of people gathering harmoniously online to share nothing but opinions sans the media outlet. We the public have found our own news resource and opinions from those whom actually work in the industry of discussion. We can respond directly to the politician, the band or the actor without an intermediary media source. All while noticing that whom we respond to and follow also defines us online to our followers.

We have become defined by whom we follow and respond. Staggering demographic statistics cleverly stylized from socializing online. Let’s see what we have ‘learned about’ and ‘what about’ those of us online.

learn about – age, religion, nationality, politics, sports, television, music, business, education and location …

what about – self-help, fitness, linkers, mommy’s, spammers, business, politicians, sports, celebrity, quoters …

Still, at the end of all this demographic evaluation – I still think there is only 4 actual twitter accounts that simply get re-worded by a super computer that is analysing all relevant information in the world and breaking it down into …. perhaps another post.


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