Summer siesta

a much needed time to relax & reflect

I return from a much needed break this summer to the regular routine of writing my thoughts of world issues from the viewpoint of the creative.  I would carefully take notes on the issues at hand on napkins, paper, newspaper, magazines, 3m stickies and notepad on the desktop of office computer. Eventually, the thoughts would spill out in some odd fashion  defining the creative process in which used to resolve. With a clear desktop and only a few 3m stickies I will begin to blog away on this site.

What will these blogs be about this coming season and into the new year – nobody knows really. The political world is always interesting and the financial mess in the United States and Europe is certainly a good start to any blog topic. I am just going to take everything in stride and continue to blog as random as ever about whatever – creatively of course.

Yes, indeed I will pay attention to all the creative activities in the world and note my 2 cents worth.  Sometimes, as a creative sort we feel compelled to blog about all things …. creative.  But, that’s what all the creative blogs are discussing and often over-populates the blog-o-sphere with redundancy. So, we have a non-creative tendency to write about creative.

The most interesting thing I learned while reflecting this summer was the readership and outreach to which a blog topic can touch.  Reviewing past demographics reveals readership resides in all 4 corners of the world.  I take great solace in the knowledge that people around the world are solving and resolving the same bits & pieces of life. We should really be trying to work things out more than deferring to  starting conflict.

So, I tweeted much of my thought process.  Spilling a little too much sour cream on occasion into the cup of life.  Yet, reading some superb drippings from many other bloggers about their daily intake is most satisfying. The coffee filled buzz of morning tweets to the mundane hum of afternoon doldrums are reflected in most social media platforms. A harmony of consistency played symphonically to measures by each section. I am getting my rhythm back as I can hear the beat.

After reviewing much that is on the blog-o-sphere and other social media platforms – it is I that have continued to be oddly different in my writing and reference of topics. Generalizing topics by neutralizing commonalities is what I do best.  This is what I will continue to do as I reflect on the times ahead. Please, follow my scribed journey’s again this season …


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