spinning off Topic

eventually, the top stops – where noboy knows …

I will admit that while I started this blogging thing I had idea of where I would take the reader. That pretty much changed the 3rd or 4th posting. It was a matter of finding my virtual voice through words and then styling the output. One must be original in content and presentation. I believe the contents should define the presentation and not vice-versa. So, after I began writing content I soon figured out what my presentation would look like.  What we have today is not what we started with – but, it is what  we’ll keep for now …

Selecting topics to discuss and choosing a category to file under also determined how I choose this style of layout. Once again confirming that content determines the presentation. Before writing about a current topic and researching some bits & pieces for argumentative reasons I would sometimes drift onto another blog posting a similar topic. Noticing that some bloggers remain very sterile in the presentation also meant a very editorial type viewpoint on the issue at hand. I knew then that I wanted to offer my viewpoint with carefully selected wording packaged within the scope of the text and not the visual. Sterile website style with colourful wording was the result.

Getting back on topic again. I found myself building content under one category that would eventually find its own blog.  Spinning off Topics onto their own blogs is continuing again with 2 new blogs this month. The first blog is just a re-branding for a target market re-positioning. The second blog is simply a retraction on content found in this blog over to its own design. Who knew that so many blogs could be had from the creative discussion of observation.

Well, this upcoming fall & winter season of posting to various sites will also result in new spin-offs next summer. Perhaps I will just refrain from seeking new areas of discussion and focus on what I have committed to. After all, the original idea was to choose blog topics based on my past experiences and interests. With the next few blogs being sorted out this month,  I believe we have found our limits.

In other words – I don’t have to wait for the top to stop if I refuse to spin it.


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