Following Friend

watch what you say

we might follow you because you sound interesting.

Well evidently we were mistaken and for that reason we also apologize. Reading the aimless amounts of reply, retweet and repost on occasion we come across a fresh enlighten view point to which we decide to follow, like or friend. But, this is when the freshly enlighten viewpoint becomes lost in the next tweet or post. Some background on the selection process first …

Anyone can follow anyone on your twitter account at a click of the mouse. I find after reading the same retweet about the same event by every person I’m following can become a little boring. This is when a joke or something fresh and enlighting appears on my screen much to my delight. I immediately will read the individuals brief and often follow through with the follow.

Friending becomes a different story. As we aren’t privy to all those post we have to evaluate the quality vs quantity issue with our new invitee. I find media folk, politicians and common interests among my choosing. Of course the family and friends are sorted out also. Posting news is not my thing – so I stay away from that, instead choosing to post my interests. I will also friend someone whom lives in certain regions of the world to provide me with insight to somewhere I have interest. A very simple selection method.

So, what’s weird? Your next tweet, post or picture reverts back to something you would do in high school. Your photo is now changed to show your engagement ring, a hug from the spouse or significant other. Your brief description is now updates overnight to include a relationship status. At this point we would realize that your chance at impressing us with your intellect was just but a chance. We probably won’t expect much more from you and for that reason we apologize for following and or friending.

On a good note about all this follow me and friend if you please stuff. The fitness, health, and life coaches don’t seem bothered by the attention from new friends or followers. In fact they up the IQ ante and start providing more diverse information – love that adaptability.


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