The Ring

This stuff still makes me laugh

cry or become and teary eyed …

This is one of the classic mistakes that a women or girl for that matter can make. The unknown reason to wear an engagement ring as a non-engaged person. Yet, you never see that gal wear a wedding ring whom is not wed so why the engagement ring. As a designer that has worked in the jewellery industry for years I could tell you some of the funny stories and why we see this strange ritual, but I shall refrain.

Instead, I shall discuss the few typical occasions that you can spot inappropriate finger enhancement. The gal who works as a bartender or waitress will often be spotted wearing the item. The TV gals whom choose to do so for reasons just known to themselves. Of course the social media profile and photo collection must include the updated candid of cubic. The corporate business meeting, airline personal, retail clerks …. the list goes on. I have sold many of these rings to the gals over the years and have heard the stories why and none of the reasons made any sense.

If you like jewellery – buy it. It is a good investment if worn. At the current price of gold you can’t go wrong. Jewellery is a very long tradition of adorning oneself for both male and female. But, it is the female whom constantly misrepresents the use of jewellery and it’s ability to become a unique part of the women. Mocking your engagement before it happens or if it ever happens isn’t the brightest thing to do. Trying to inform the gentlemen of your expectations prior to even going on a date is a little forward. Wear what you got or can afford and choose the correct anatomical placement.

The decision for a fellow to walk into the strange confines of a intimidating jewellery store and ask about buying an engagement ring is staggeringly humbling.  Of course asking the future father-in-law is no brew-ha-ha-ha. The intimacy soon forms into a bounding between the Gentlemen and Jeweller all while discussing how the surprise event will happen. Finances are discussed and in most cases a long payment plan. Men will spend much more than the token advertised salary proportion and often sell many personal items for the acquisition – yes, sometime the car or motorcycle that defined them as you would have the ring define you.

You’d be surprised to know that gentlemen want to buy the biggest and brightest ring affordable. The Gentlemen can see your fake 3 carat cubic and hears the stories in movies and television – they get the picture. I believe a successful marriage is tied to the first ring and the process to which it was acquired and not the process of receiving it. I have sold many stones bigger than the finger to fellows re-enacting the love between husband and wife during vacations or anniversaries. But, what I really like is the special occasion with friends and family around and the wife would only dare wear the first ring. Knowing the first ring is what brought this family and friends together.


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