Smart People

Often smart people have to dumb-down in order to talk to you …

On a more intellectual thought – i had a autistic aunt and uncle that processed at stephen hawkins level. they would be quite pedestrian when talking in public or to family and friends. i liked it best when the turned on the after-burners and let the intellect fly. my parents were very good at allowing me to visit both aunt and uncle. this usually meant for very long drives some lasting a couple days, just so i could spend a few hours in their presence. being with smart people is so refreshing and inspiring. i wish i could’ve spent more time with those people.

my uncle would build airplanes and helicopters from scratch and fly them. he would then reverse engineer the design and sell the plans to aircraft companies. he had no formal training and would always have a pen and paper on hand for you to write out your questions.

my aunt was different in that she sought a higher education despite suffering from MS and being wheelchair bound most of her adult life. today, wheelchair accessibility is virtually a standard and according to canadian law a necessity in all public facilities. she never once mentioned the fact that she had to struggle living in a society pre-wheelchair standard. this often meant that she could not go to a movie theatre or any live venue that we take for advantage. she thought the gift of intelligence was more important than being physically limited.

i have written a lot about the ‘art of being creative’ over the past few years and much about the memories of being human. discovering about life is only something truly enjoyed when you have a life to live. there becomes a time when watching a life, ignites your wanting to live, love and learn. discovering things about yourself and having the unselfish desire to share everything. creating art is the result of living and sharing. i started the blog ‘the art of being creative’ to share the past and present experience of the creative process.

i was reminded the other day – that i can’t remember faces and names unless i write them down. this is a little memory game i must play preferably with a pen and paper. however, i will also draw or write in the air with my finger to formulate an image. a nice person the other night took the time to use word association to help me remember their name. most people would rather read what i have to say rather then listen to me unless we are on the same page of life. so, blogging works well for communicating my message to the general public.

everything in my life is very relevant to pictures or anything visual. of course the younger set has no idea of what i’m doing or the importance of the action. while i’m typing this post – my brain starts to type something different then what my fingers are typing. if you notice – some of my sentences are written in reverse which i don’t realize until i proofread. it never used to be that way, lots of delete and backspacing for a person who was pretty darn good at the typewriter. do you know what a typewriter is?

a picture is worth a thousand words. before i write any of my stories – a picture of the subject appears in my head, i then simply describe the image. your actions or sights and sounds may trigger a story or piece of art. have you ever noticed people that are very organized and line things up or place items a certain way. this is the visual version of autism. we become very good problem solvers because we can see the whole picture of any project. the more complicated the project the more interesting it becomes to solve. i will often solve a crossword puzzle in my head just because. this is the life of a visual autistic.

Asperger Syndrome – that’s me. the visual form of autism. when you mention anything in life that i have witnesses or experienced, i immediately relate it to a picture in my brain. Temple Grandin –  is a pioneer in bringing this issue to the public. unfortunately, those less informed people in society (schmucks) will mock us and our uncontrolled habits. having to define myself often leads to stuttering for a loss of words resulting in wanting to be alone and limit socialization. early this year i was ridiculed about how and why i behaved in such a way and once again the other night i was mocked. society has very little need for those people who mock due to ignorance.

ignorance is not an excuse it is an issue. in most cases of ignorance – maturity will resolve. in more acute cases of ignorance you become self purged from society.  you certainly become purged from my life with absolutely no residual trace left in my memory. hopefully, everyone ages and matures – both are not a given.  the more people you meet and experiences you have will help culture you and nourish the human instinctive desire of knowledge. for the life of me, i can’t understand why someone would not want to evolve and mature by learning with the rest of us.

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