Not you again

Oh, no … it’s not me it’s you!

No, i’m tolerating you.

The smallest demographic in any nation is the intellectual. Whether you are school smart or street smart – whatever your niche in life is, just being smart isn’t common. Interesting note – more people are smarter than they have allowed themselves to be. Once they challenge themselves it is an amazing transformation of energy and excitement about life. ‘The art of being creative’ is sometimes about encouraging the intellectual hidden within to emerge.

As I experience the different age group of people today versus when I grew up, there is a noticeable difference. First and foremost is the apparent desensitization ability. What ever happened to being sensitive about people and their issues. What has happened in our culture that has created unsocial people skills. Social networking perhaps. Texting your shorthand with thumb to someone dumb – ‘what are you wearing tomorrow.’

Being youthful, also means you are without memories. You have to live life for some time before you have anything important to deal with. As the old adage goes – I have forgotten more things than you know. Another classic adage is – I have more useless stuff that i can’t find, that is older than when your parents first met. A little meat for the bones, something to chew on … etc.

Why rush the learning curve of life. Sit back and enjoy the ride. It will be very bumpy on occasions and without warning. Believe me when I say hitting an unexpected speed bump and a pot hole just before unmarked curve is not fun. Slow done kids. I remember wanting to be older and hang with the older group. I still see people do that today. Associate with all ages of people and have some respect to those older few. We’ve been around the block a few times.

We can only assume, the youth of today will mature and realize that people, family and friends are more important than matching your shoes with the belt and cell phone case. More importantly – not to criticize issues that are beyond your comprehension. Ask questions and learn something. I enjoy asking elders about things and experiences they know about. Some old folk are just grumpy and don’t like talking – so, I avoid them. Many friends have life experiences that I don’t have and I enjoy the stories and advice. I’m not in a hurry to age these days.

Placing self-imposed limitations on the ability to openly discuss at will any given topic to anyone has its draw-backs.  People by nature are social creatures, but you can’t always be around like minded individuals. Every once in a while you must venture out in public and visit the pedestrians in society. Some of those pedestrians may be your catalyst to grow mentally. Inherently, that is what creates the spice of life. Different folks from different strokes.

At what age in life would you realize your limitations – whether self-imposed or from an external influence.  Should you not discover these things about yourself prior to voicing your opinion. Perhaps you were encourage to speak your mind despite not really having anything of value to contribute. We can see the bright minded few simply by their actions and reactions. Those bright few ask questions at a young age and continue to seek out answers. I like to find those few bright minds whom were not encouraged to ask questions and seek answers – I like to provide a little direction before they hit the road ahead.

As they say when encountering a new problem  – Oh, no not you again …


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