bike ride theory

Have I ever asked you ?

You know, about the bike ride….

I would usually only ask those chosen few that I have weeded out of the pack. In all actuality those people have separated themselves already and I’m just helping them along. That first inaugural push without the training wheels of life. Adjust on the fly and find your balance before the first bump in the road. How far will you go before you put your foot down?

I refer to this as the bike ride theory. I would often ask the younger folk about their experience riding down a bike trail and what they noticed. Most of the youthful set will not remember much of their ride. However, a select few of the youths will recollect their experience with exceptional detail. These are what the farmer calls breeding stock or pick of the litter. Every time I venture out with the pedestrians of society I use my bike ride theory of life question.

Have you gone for a ride lately?


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