Chart Your Life Journey

It is not always about the trip – but, how you got there!
For the creative or restless mind a journey will enliven the soul!
The best journey’s in life are simply exploring who you are not where you are!

When venturing off on your first or last journey it is always important to
chart your course. I have gone on many journey’s both physical and mental over the years. I also say that the mental journey’s in life were never really planned. I preferred the physical journey’s best. However, the experience of any journey – planned or not will provide insight for your future.

Recently, I have tried to explain this to someone – the concept wasn’t taking flight.  So, I resorted to just throwing the concept out there and see if it sticks. Unfortunately, this methodology is a last case scenario. Ideally, you would want to plot your chart with a little more grace and strategy. Keeping in mind that everyone learns at a different level and pace – outside influences considered. The challenge is to find a common ground for those people before they go adrift.

I managed to get through most of my life’s journeys by using the same methods I would use to prepare for an outdoor adventure. Many of my adventures began prior to the advent of the current technology trends . Without the modern conveniences  –  preparation and training was imperative for success. We were the back-up plan and emergency technician. I must say that secondary education and various training courses all help with establishing a plan. Eventually, you must separate yourself from the pre-planned life of High School and join the Adult plan of life.

Your first destination may not be your best choice or last trip. What is important though is that you have made that decision. When you choose that path start your research by seeking those whom can guide you along the way. This is your path and it will help define you in the future. Choose those guides selectively and in abundance.

Here is what I have learned:

Clear your Past – all possessions and thoughts – you have make room for everything that will be new. A clear conscious will allow you to make better decisions.

Confront the Negatives – air out your concerns and issues. Time heals all
wounds so your journey away will allow all parties time to repair. It may
not be a perfect patch but, at least you can move on.

Question and Answer period – you must ask lots of questions and give out
lots of answers. There is always a wealth of information available for free.

Charts and Notes – lay out a map with note pad and start plotting your
intended course with all the side notes you have learned from questions and answer period. Learn the geography of your location – north, south, east, west and the physical features/structures.

I had recently moved to a new city and would always get lost in the maze of roadways and in the shadow of large buildings. A kind couple at a coffee shop noticed my confused look on my face – the gentlemen and wife leaned towards me prior to walking out the door and said “always look for the mountains – they are north of the city”. I never saw the couple again and the store owner said he has never seen them before or ever again. They appeared at that moment in time to give me direction – I have never been lost since that moment.

Guides – focus on what you really would like to get out of this journey and
seek those whom have been down that path.

Tools – today’s technology has provided us with plenty of devices to assist
us in charting our life’s journey. Ask what tools are recommended and master them. Tools should aid your adventure not hinder. Do not bring unnecessary baggage. Also, a person maybe a tool – someone to contact for advice.

Share – you must let people know where you are going and when. Leave several people (family and friends) your itinerary.  Contact numbers, locations, names, transportation. Copies of all documents.

Stay in Touch – use modern technology to stay in constant communication with friend and family. Never get us out of your mind and we will never let you out of our mind. It is important to never be forgotten and you’ll never feel alone- even when you may experience some quiet time.

Journal – record your experiences from what you encounter – you will use this information to write stories, reflect back, share with friends, publish a blog, learn about your new found career path or use to research your next journey.

There are two  types of people in the crowd. One is the free-spirited party person and the other is the planner with goals. When we were young everyone wanted to have fun and it was tough to focus on moving onto adulthood and responsibilities. Meanwhile, some of us got thrown a whole bunch of adult responsibilities unexpectedly early in life. Just remember that the majority of your life is spent as an adult not a kid. Learn to plan and be responsible and the fun will follow.

Now go have Fun – a clear conscious, packing only the necessities with an
exceptional charted course and your journey will be fabulous.

… now where do i want to go next?


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