Weather the Storm

People and Nature try to fool us …

Sensing the climate amongst people.
This is simply the act one does when they are trying to evade the question.

The Tornado
Talking in circles until you reword the question.

The Downpour
Spouts off lots of things irrelevant to the question.

Calm before the Storm
Those whom simply choose silence as an answer.

Nature tells us more about ourselves and those around us, if we just spend the time to observe.

Use the three-question-rule
First question – ask their name.
Second question – ask what year they graduated from high school.
Third question – ask about the person’s interest.
[non-practiced answer question].

Now, sit back and forecast a report – sunny with occasional rain.

The creative folk definitely have the advantage in observation skills. For the creative folk noticing the climate change of a person is like watching a predictable  weather pattern. Writing about it becomes an interesting broadcast to share for other creatives and somewhat revealing to the non-creative folk. Usually both parties just weather the storm and wait for the issue to blow over.

My day is influenced with all 5 senses absorbing my surroundings.  Creating new experiences combined with the old experiences have allowed us to judge the outcome of the climate of people patterns. Similar to the way you can smell rain, or feel the chill in the night air. You can also tell when someone is trying to evade an answer or question. We know what the outcome is from using our senses and experiences.

Nature at times can be very deceiving and often confusing our senses. Outside barometric peer pressures can have influences on people. Our human index will certainly disclose our discomfort while trying to sweat it out.  With my personal and business life I will always follow my gut instinct about what I think of someone or a situation. When someone doesn’t ask the questions and doesn’t have the answers – that really speaks for itself.

We formulate an opinion on whether or not you report content. As a web designer I want you to provide me with the content. I will then forecast an opinion and predict a web solution. Without your content we certainly cannot broadcast a solution online. Your intent to neglect scripting content is creating a climate of deception amongst people.

and we can sense that …

An Originally Written by
dfmw © 2011 All Rights Reserved


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