I’m a Twit

I must confess, I’m a Twit …

Who knew?
Who cares?
What for?
Who’s gonna read it?
Who you gonna read?

Everybody is doing it – so why not sign-up and start tweeting. Delay, delay, delay. I just couldn’t bring myself around to sign-up for something else. How many passwords and username things does a person have to sign-up for today. It is just getting to be endless. But, I broke down and signed up. Phew!

Tweet number one. What am I supposed to write? Something so spectacular – I will instantly gain followers. Well, that’s not going to happen and didn’t happen. So, you begin to read other tweets from unknown people for some inspiration. I became very relaxed to find out the most people were just reflecting on their daily life. Simply writing a quick brief about an observation or conversation in under 140 characters. Neat, eh!

I wondered what some of those big name celebrities and those few with huge followings. After a quick browse through Google I found out the names of those few and read some of their comments. As you could imagine the comedy folks were funny and the actors are just like you and me. The political and business folks were exactly that in their message. I wouldn’t want to listen or read about someones politics or a business I’m not interested in. So, I focused on the funny people. They made me laugh.

So, how about something informative or educational – perhaps something of personal interest -yes! I like travel, adventure, cooking, environment, arts, motorsports, outdoor sports, new media, video and photo – well that’s plenty to start with. The real question is who is interesting to actually have their tweets show up on your blackberry, iphone, ipad, desktop or laptop randomly unannounced throughout the day, week – year?

I certainly will have time to figure out who I’m going to follow – who cares right? My followers – maybe. That’s weird eh! People I don’t know would read my thoughts for no-particular reason. I like that idea. It makes you realize that you are thinking similar to others out in the world. I would think there is some solace in knowing that. People are more alike then we tend to argue about. Sharing a thought about anything is better than not saying anything at all. Speaking, talking, writing helps to define personality. I like to follow personalities.

I am considering a theme to my tweeting. Still sharing the thoughts of daily. Just changing things up a bit. I had to define who I was on my page – the art of being creative – will be my moniker. That defines a theme indeed, as it is the name of this web blog. It will be interesting to see how people who don’t know me react to my tweets. I would prefer to entertain readers rather than inform. Repeating news items seems – well, unnecessary. I can get news real easy – like with a news feed. I would think reading someones spontaneous opinion is the basis of twitter. You can instantly be in contact with someone on the front lines.  Excellent.

Enlighten me, inform me, humor me, retweet me, mention me – please just keep me updated about your thoughts. I will reciprocate the thought. Bringing people together for the first time via words and an avatar seems unbelievable at first. But, it works folks. Knowing that we are connected and sharing the same world together. Twitter does that.

I think I’ll tweet this post …

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