Stay of Course

[life’s trio] part 1 of 3 …

Travel – This is a tough post to write about. It is the root of why I am writing this blog. Travel seems to be this desire for not only the creative personalities but everyone seeking the meaning of life. Everyone’s solution is a combination of Travel, School or Relocation. The problem I had and still hear today is what’s the plan. I didn’t have a plan and nobody helped my with a plan. But, I going to help with your plan.

I would always encourage any form of School, Travel or Relocation – in any order you choose to live these experiences. Interesting result from some whom travel is they discover their creative side. Perhaps no one in their immediate family is creative – so who knew. Follow your impulses – don’t run away from them.

Hold your horses for a second – I’ll make a quick statement about my perception of these events. Travel is important if you are creative. It simply provides content. Relocation has the same effect. School provides the ability to organize the creative thoughts and learn correct methodologies when working with various mediums. For a creative person Travel, School and Relocation are just a part of our make-up. I have mentioned before that when I hire someone for a creative position – I’m looking for how they combined those 3 life experiences and how it reflects in their creative output. If I’m hiring an Accountant or Lawyer – I want education and experience. The best people to help with your plan – is family and friends. They know you the longest and the best. On the other hand our family and friends always encourage us – they won’t rein us in.

When I was going through the motions of life and thinking about what I was going to do – travel was supposed to be the answer. Take the year off school and backpack around – meet new people, sights and sounds. I am of creative make-up and that is good – right? The year of school phrase was used because everybody planned on secondary education. You either enrolled directly after High School or after a year or two. Ideally, you return home and continue as planned. Never happened that way. I had no plan to combine these events together.

The backpack was not the style of luggage. It was a duffel bag usually bought from the army surplus store. No cell phones, cameras, ipods – just a small portable am/fm radio with ear plugs. No bank cards, no visa. Travellers cheques and local currency only. No email, fax, text message – just a phone call from a some lobby of a hostel. Letters mailed or the occasional post card of a famous site was the only correspondence sent and received. A journal was kept with scribbles of life notes, drawings and quotes – I still read them.

We are more connected today then ever before and social media connects us with virtually all the digital devices we own. Yet, I still feel the disconnect from society – perhaps from over connectivity. I think we should talk more. When you choose to travel – you are now physically removed from the conversation. When you travel – business or pleasure, you become forgotten about … and that’s a terrible feeling.

So, lets go travel again, again, again. Waiting for the light bulb of life to turn-on. You have to learn to wire yourself and show everybody where the switch is. People, family and friends are your electricity. Become supercharged by our energy. Feed off your present environment. Discuss in person about life decisions – because it happens real fast.

What is your travel plan. How can you use the experience for work or education? Soul searching is fine – if you need it. I traveled without a plan and it seems life soon follows the same course. My suggestion from experience is for anybody to have a plan and set some goals – perhaps on the flight. I enjoyed the travel enough that I made a career from traveling for business. Didn’t need a pet or plant to look after because I was never home long enough. I can’t even remember if I ever hung a picture. Can you picture yourself going down the same path?

I wrote a post on relocation for work experience –

Please, stay on course …


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