Stay in School

[life’s trio] part 2 of 3 …

School – This topic is always awkward for me and I must apologize to those whom I ask about schooling. Yes, I am one of those folks who when we see the younger demographic – I ask what are your education plans. I was from that generation where we were expected to follow High School with some form of secondary education. So, I ask…. big deal. From experience – go to school when you are young and everybody is the same age group. Need to upgrade – do it. Need help – ask us.

The wealth of information that you acquire in school and hanging out with similar types folks is what everyone needs.  Your best friends and family will always be around – but, they may not desire to study Education, Accounting, Nursing, Environmental Technician or Travel Writer. Choose a education method and study topic – enroll. You can always change into another field of study. The more education you have the better your job outlook. You spent 12 years of your life learning to study – don’t stop now. Life is about learning.

I did enjoy the education part in all courses, programs that I took. Most of which I had know idea I was going down that career path. One great experience I share will the younger set is keep educating yourself. I am not referring to taking your MBA and several years later re-educating to become a Natural-Path Physician. I’m just suggesting to keep yourself current with some training or educational upgrading. Let me tell you my educational learning curve.

After High School, I went to a Food and Beverage School and enrolled in a Bartending course. Thinking this would help when and if I go traveling.  So, I worked in the industry and eventually spun Bartending into being a Disk Jockey. But, that was at night and I wanted something for the day. A customer of my was a manager at a new sports store coming into a brand new mall complex in the South West. He asked if I was mechanical and wanted to help in the tech shop. Done, there I was learning the role of sports tech.

I was very fortunate at the time of my sports tech training. This company had flown in the actual techs and engineers from Europe to train a couple of the key staff members . They choose our city as the training facility – which was super lucky for me. We became certified as sports techs through this factory program. The cost was very expensive for the retailer so it ended the training program the year after. Oh, also – the two other guys that I trained with on some of the ski tech material – we wanted to challenge the engineers exam. Needless to say we found one mistake and passed the exam with flying colours. I was then asked to write a training manual for all the stores – 100+.  [ I was under 20 years of age at the time ]

So, I kept at some form of schooling – English, Math upgrades, Fashion Design and Merchandising program – Interior Architecture and then decided to relocate and re-educate. My new career path of being this expert sports tech and training manual dude started to pay off. I had know Idea you could make a career out of the education I gave myself.  So, there I am living in a World Class City with tourism galore and working with a leading edge outdoor lifestyle retailer. I never even heard of outdoor lifestyle before. So, now I’m training, writing manuals, designing outdoor merchandise and designing the new store expansions.

Six months pass and I’m standing outside wearing shorts and a fleece pullover taking a break. I look up to the mountains and see snow. I realize that Christmas was around the corner – and I’m wearing shorts. Love this place – not going home! I learned even more and trained more. First Aid, Wilderness Survival, Winter Camping, Climbing, Kayak, Sailing, Marine Stewardship, Scuba, 2-stroke/4-stroke engine, fabrics, textiles, pneumatics, air compressors, photography, video  … I even continued with some design education at the local Universities and Colleges when I had time. A couple years later and I’m teaching and learning about the stuff I saw on National Geographic and Jacques Cousteau – who knew?

My home town started an Industrial Design program and I returned to attend. Only to find out that they were going to delay the program for a couple years. So, they had me enrolled in basic design. I eventually got a chance to design more project around the world and ended up in my home town again. 12 year ago I finished a program about web design and multi-media. I now use that to design and manage my own web sites. My web sites are about helping people to full-fill their dreams. But, I give a lot of suggestions to help make things easier. I wish someone helped me along the way. Oh, and if forgot something – I’ll add it later.

keep the learning curve going …


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