Moment in Time

Keep it – it’s yours.

If anybody knows me and my weirdness to writing – you probably know that I hand write everything first. The various little stories and prose that have been posted on dfmw and weirdly written begin as hand written notes.

Napkins, paper towels, cloth towels, hand towels, business cards, blank cheques, palm of my hand, palm of her hand [she doesn’t like that] especially when she wakes up. Anyhoo … I always have a pen and paper available. In fact many of my fellow design buddies all have a pen at hand when needed. My non-design buddies will always ask me for a pen anytime, anywhere knowing that I have one. I relate it to the carpenter or contractor that has a tape measure nearby.

Well, what happens next – you ask? The publishing happens in two phases. The first is simply the notes process which jogs my memory into trying to conjure up a thought. Sometimes it last for minutes or hours, perhaps onto weeks before the next phase gets spurted out onto a piece of paper – usually close to 80% of the finished product. Once I have the feeling of the words and the cadence of the thought – my pen moves rather quickly. At that point I will have the final product with or without a minor error.

So, what do I do with the notes when I’m finished publishing them online? You’d be surprised to know that I like to give them away. Weird eh! But, that’s me.

Let me explain the idea behind giving the rough draft away. I always like to help out people when I can – offer some insight so they don’t do what I did but, rather do what I say. That’s easier said then done.  So, by giving these drafts away I help define a moment in time for myself and those people chosen to receive. It is always nice to reflect on a time and place in your life rather than just accumulating a bunch of stuff.  Collecting stuff – collects dust and dust can be needy. Dust needs attention. A memory of a thought never requires attention or maintenance.

It’s the thought that counts – if I remember.

Creating Weird – so you don’t have to be.
dfmw © All Rights Reserved


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