Weird and Old

You know you’re getting older when…

I’m watching TMZ and noticing that Charlie Sheen sure is weird. At least he has an excuse. The well documented substance abuse. What’s my excuse?

I watched Harvey Levin explaining a little history to some of the youthful staff members. It reminded me of trying to explain getting older with a youthful grouping the other night. The deer in the headlights look – except this was during the day. Blank stare and then they all walk away. Thanks.

I’m receiving emails for Facebook. Combing over a comfortable selection of recognizable names. Some excellent surprises tossed in as well. I’m now trying to conceptualize why the younger audience is so fascinated with knowing every little detail about all theirs friends. Actually that doesn’t seem quite as strange as those folk whom are seeking to have hundreds of friends. Are you kidding me. Who meets that many people in a life time. Let alone provide personal information about yourself.

The beauty about blogging and writing is exactly that. I can read interesting viewpoints about other peoples creatives or common problems that we all share as human beings. The lady discussing her new art class. The gentlemen who is taking up a new sport. Students writing about their travels. And my favorite – those whom are expressing freedom of speech from around the world. I want someone to enlighten this often dimly lit world of ours with something a little more inspiring.

First the phone call on a cell, then the texting fad, and now it’s the quick connect to your favorite social network site with your cell phone. A random picture complete with two syllable phrase describing something we were perfecting fine not knowing seconds prior. Don’t get me wrong if someone puts up content that is relevant to why they are on my Facebook – I’m interested.

I just can’t imagine being interested in several hundred people – let alone several thousand. If you had several thousand friends – I hope your selling Avon or Amway to them.  Then again perhaps it’s because I won’t remember that much about everybody. Riding the ski lift and suddenly being concerned whether friend 1232′ s plant took root. I don’t think I’d ever get the bored in life or uninspired that I couldn’t create my own observations. The biggest curiosity stems from someone far away or doing something different or a common interest. But, that’s just being me.

That’s why I like Twitter. Tweeting is becoming very cool. These people humor me and inform me. I like reading brief messages of my interests. Viewpoints of the world coming together. Limiting the babble to 140. Lovely, indeed. I watched the best Academy Awards Show ever – because I followed a bunch of people randomly Tweet their observations, LOL – for the entire show. Were you laughing for 3 hours straight on Sunday night. Probably not.

Which gets me to the point of hanging around young folks and having that definitive moment of age. I would playfully mention that I am just the ‘Old and Ugly Guy’ that they know. I wasn’t proud of that definition but it had meaning. However, I have found a new phrase to define myself to the younger set. Just call me ‘Weird and Old’ – they like that.

‘The Facebook’ [old person jargon] is interesting indeed and definitely weird. Makes me feel less weird. I wonder if Charlie Sheen is on Facebook. Maybe I’ll Tweet him.

Creating Weird – so you don’t have to be.


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